Business Advantages and Solutions

 Reliability, Consistency and Flexibility

These virtues are based in the fact that HELVEX produces 95% of its products components.
Furthermore, the company has the ideal size to provide for high levels of mass production and still take care of the individual desires of its clients.

HELVEX has been successful in meeting several market demands, such like offering personalized products (marking them with names and logos) or designing and developing products with specific characteristics that feat well into different kind of construction projects. All this is done with special attention to quality in its manufacturing processes and consistency in delivery times.

 International Structure

HELVEX’s solid structure allows its human capital to supply national and international customers.
This structure include six subsidiaries in Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Cuba, United States, Panamá and Peru and a wide network of distributors all around the world, In this way a huge network of representatives complements our services and works to offer the best attention to our clients in a global environment.

 Delivery Times

We know that delivery times in the case of projects are always a critical subject. So that no matter the size of the project, HELVEX has the capacity to produce and ship the product in no more than 4 weeks since the reception of a Purchase Order.

 Assistance and Technical Service

Due to the importance of a perfect installation of our products to ensure a comfortable and useful bathroom, in HELVEX we have technical assistance services ready to help you out with any kind of project: one of our experts may visit you and give you advice about the installation and perfect operation of our products